How to Generate New Contacts

Bong Baylon Evangelism

Jesus lived a redemptive lifestyle. He was always seeking the lost (Luke 19:10). Even when he had already chosen the Twelve, he never stopped going to different places to find new people that he can minister to. This is the kind of lifestyle that we must emulate and teach others to do. Once we stop doing this, we also stop co-laboring with the Lord for His kingdom purpose (Matt 28:19-20). This is also the reason why we tend to feel bored in our Christian lives — we end up only living for ourselves rather than for other people as well. More importantly, we become distracted with less important things that do not matter in eternity. Consequently, we become unproductive in our daily lives (2 Peter 1:3-11).


How do we generate New Contacts?


The key is to first know what New Contact looks like. You need to know how to find them.


A New Contact is someone who is…


  1. NEW – You probably have contacts now, i.e. people you interact with, visit with, etc., on a regular basis. They are not New Contacts; they are Old Contacts. New Contacts are people you just met recently (or even just today). You do not know them before you met them. The people you already know are called “oikos” in Greek. These are the people in your “circles of influence” right now. Of course, they are important in God’s eyes, but we’re not talking about them when we use the term “New Contacts.”
  2. NOT CLOSED – These people are not closed in the sense that they are not hostile or indifferent toward you or Christians in general. They open themselves up to you and are willing to pursue a relationship with you, if given the opportunity. Some people would refer to them as “persons of peace” (Luke 10:6). In other words, a New Contact is someone that you can possibly influence given the proper time and circumstances. Of course, it depends on both of you if you will pursue the relationship or if God would allow you to do so.
  3. NEEDS YOUR HELP – A New Contact has needs that you or someone else you know can meet. Now everyone has needs, and you cannot meet everyone’s needs. But when you meet a person whom you think you can help, or someone else you know can help, you’ve just found a New Contact. That person may not realize it yet, but the Holy Spirit may reveal to you that he or she has needs that you or someone you know can help (e.g. Acts 8:29).


Now that you know what a New Contact looks like, it’s time for you to understand how you can find them. To find New Contacts, you need to establish Contact Points. Contact Points are simply places, activities or events where you can meet New Contacts. Places may be actual places (e.g. your work place, school, etc., places with a physical address) or virtual places (e.g. Facebook groups or pages, or websites). Activities or events may be one-time or repeated. They may also be natural or intentional. Natural contact points simply happen in the natural course of your life. Intentional contact points are those that you actually organize or pursue.


An excellent example of an “intentional” Contact Point is a Share Group. A Share Group is simply a small group that meets regularly in a certain place at a certain time which is open to anybody who wishes to join. A Share Group, as the name suggests, is a group that meets to share praise items, personal insights from the Lord, and prayer requests.


Other forms of intentional Contact Points are worship services, dental missions, Jesus film showings, concerts,  etc.


When you evaluate your lifestyle, ask yourself a simple question, “Do I have Contact Points in my life?” Maybe the reason why we don’t have New Contacts is because we do not intentionally seek them. We need more people who are willing to GO and create Intentional Contact Points.


How is your present lifestyle? Are you intentionally looking for New Contacts? Do you have Intentional Contacts Points? If yes, then praise the Lord. You will most likely meet New Contacts regularly. If not, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your lifestyle. Pray and ask God to give you creative ideas on how to create Intentional Contact Points.

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