Know How to Start a Simple Church

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If you are interested to start a Simple Church, please go to our learning tool either in the Get Real app under the Study Tab or in our website ( Make sure that someone meets with you to process what you are learning there. Don’t just go through the course by yourself. Contact PM or Des for help. Also, don’t …

The Good News

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The Good News is a story to be told. Know the story. Believe it. Share it with others. The Good News More presentations from Bong Baylon Tweet [jetpack_subscription_form]

The Good News Is More Than You Think

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The Good News is more than you think. It’s not just about the forgiveness of sins.  It’s not just about going to heaven (i.e. the cool place) and avoiding hell (i.e. the hot place). It’s about the transformation of all creation someday and the beginning of a better life today. It’s the total comprehensive solution to a problem that is …

Following Jesus Today

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What does it mean to follow Jesus today? Many people misunderstand this to mean simply praying the “sinner’s prayer.” It’s tantamount to just having a simple transaction (i.e. a prayer) with God wherein we say, basically, “God, I’m a sinner. Please forgive me. I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Lord, I invite you into my heart. Amen.” If …

How to Generate New Contacts

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Jesus lived a redemptive lifestyle. He was always seeking the lost (Luke 19:10). Even when he had already chosen the Twelve, he never stopped going to different places to find new people that he can minister to. This is the kind of lifestyle that we must emulate and teach others to do. Once we stop doing this, we also stop …

Seven Laws of the Harvest

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Are you feeling frustrated lately? Is your life on a standstill? Have you been working with nothing to show for it? Are you struggling to make things work in your life, studies, work, courtship or marriage but still no visible results? Maybe you are violating one of the Seven Laws of the Harvest. Listen to this sermon and see which …