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RLCC On-site Center

We are physically located at Real Life Center, National Highway, San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna 4023 Philippines. Right now, we only meet physically every second and fourth Sunday of each month because of some limitations.

RLCC Online Center

You can also find us virtually everywhere and anywhere at any time on various online platforms. Stay connected with us 24/7.


Daily Devotional Monday to Friday

Every day at 7 am, we gather together for our online Daily Devotions. Join us!

Use this for Small Group Meetings

Visit this page. You can use our Daily Devotional to learn God’s word together with your loved ones and/or friends.


Start by understanding the Gospel, believing in Jesus, and making the choice to follow Him together with others.

You cannot grow spiritually all by yourself. You need a community. We have different types of small groups that you can join.

You need to study the word of God and serve the Lord. This is how you experience real life in Christ together with others.

Remember this…

Only God enables anyone to give. That’s why when you have a desire to give to RLCC, we consider that both as a gift from the Lord and as an encouragement to us that you are growing in your relationship with God.

Our app gives you on-demand access to various resources to help you grow as a follower of Jesus Christ. Check it out today!

Learn leadership from Pastor Bong Baylon Click here


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