The Key to Transformation

Bong Baylon Bible, Devotions

First, we must get into the word. Then the word must get into us, and really work inside of us, until the word becomes a reality in our lives, not just in our heads. Listening to sermons each week will not transform your life unless you’re willing to let the word of God really deal with your heart. Your response must first be humility. Then you need to repent if necessary. Then you need to give thanks to God’s forgiving grace in Christ Jesus and rejoice in His unconditional love through Him. Afterwards, you need to trust in His power to transform you, rather than in your own self effort. Then you need to structure your life practically in order to adopt the new mindset and behavior that God desires for you. You may need to find an accountability partner to begin a new habit. Finally, you need to persevere by faith through the Holy Spirit until the fruit of the Spirit is actually manifested in your life over time. Don’t just be a listener; be a doer of God’s word. You need to train yourself to be godly. This is the key to experiencing a transformed and transforming life in Christ Jesus.