A Few Good Men

Bong Baylon Leadership

Text: Philippians 2:19-30


Commitment is as rare as gold these days. This is especially true in the church. Most people are just interested in themselves rather than in the cause of Christ. Finding people who value the kingdom of God more than their careers or lives is like finding a needle in a haystack. But even though they are so rare, once found, they can be such a blessing in the church. We need to keep them and honor them. Paul talks about Timothy as a man who reveals a great commitment of focus in the work of Christ, not like the others who are only focused in themselves. In the same way, he talks about Epaphroditus, a man who is committed to the cause of Christ with great passion and faith, even risking his life for the sake of others. These are the kinds of people we must honor. Look for them. When you find them, you must keep them and honor them above all else. They are examples for all of us to emulate, even among those who call themselves servants of God.