Know How to Start a Simple Church

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If you are interested to start a Simple Church, please go to our learning tool either in the Get Real app under the Study Tab or in our website ( Make sure that someone meets with you to process what you are learning there. Don’t just go through the course by yourself. Contact PM or Des for help. Also, don’t …

Disciplines of Teamwork

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  What does it take to make a team work? It takes seven disciplines. Listen to this podcast to know what these seven disciplines are. [audioplayer file=””]

Can a church exist without Sunday services?

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The theory that almost everyone I meet (that is, those who know about churches) believe is that churches cannot exist without Sunday services. Even if it does exist, it will not succeed. It will fail eventually. It must have Sunday services, and, together with it, all other programs that make up a church, in order to flourish and grow. Who …

Developing Servant Leaders Right from the Start of Your Small Group (Part 3)

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This is Part 3. Click here to read Part 2. Just to review, remember the best way to develop servant leaders right from the very start of your small group is to SPOT potential servant leaders early on. You do this by 1) Seeing each person as a potential servant leader, 2) Praying for God to send workers into His harvest field, 3) Observing if …