Real Life Christian Communities is governed by a Vision Frame. A Vision Frame is composed of four guardrails, which limit our options and helps us to say NO to a lot of good things. It is also the basis for all our planning and goal setting. In other words, every time we make goals or make important decisions, we consult this Vision Frame.

Our Vision Frame has four elements.

1. Our Mission – Help people experience real life in Christ together with others

2. Our Motivations – Faith in the Power of the Gospel, Hope in the New Heavens and the New Earth, and Love for God and People

3. Our Methods:

We implement the iChurch strategy…

  • Invest – We inspire people to invest their time, talents and strategy in the kingdom of God
  • Invite – We inspire people to invite their loved ones and friends to weekly services and to our simple churches
  • Instruct – We inspire people to teach one another in the Lord
  • Inspire – We inspire people to inspire others also

…through four interrelated spheres of ministry: Simple Churches, Worship Centers, Training Environments, and Missional Projects

4. Our Marks of Success – An increasing number of people from key sectors of society who are becoming fully involved in the kingdom of God

The focal point of our ministry is communityship. Communityship is the art and method of planting simple churches everywhere by the power of the Holy Spirit through the preaching of the word of God. We define a simple church as a group of friends who are being saved, who with a single purpose, a selfless pursuit, a small-group perspective, and a servant posture, are together pursuing steady progress in their faith, until they become a shining proclamation of Christ wherever they are. (This is based on Phil. 2:1-16) A simple church can also be defined as a group of friends who commit themselves to the Lord and to each other to learn how to live, love and lead like Jesus, through Jesus, and for Jesus.

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