We’re Back!


Yes, indeed. We’re back! Starting this March, we will have weekly face-to-face worship services every Sunday at 10 AM. After having mostly online worship services during the pandemic, some are wondering if there is still value in attending weekly worship services in person. Of course! While virtual services provided a way to stay connected during the pandemic, there are several advantages to attending weekly face-to-face worship services now that the pandemic is (or seems to be) over.

  1. Community and Connection: One of the primary advantages of attending weekly worship services in person is the opportunity to connect with one another in our faith community. Sharing a physical space with others can help build relationships and create a sense of belonging. In-person interactions can also deepen connections and provide a more personal touch. We’re excited to see each other again!

  2. Spiritual Growth: Attending weekly worship services in person can provide an opportunity for spiritual growth and reflection. In-person services can create a deeper level of engagement with the message being delivered and provide a space for personal contemplation. This can help each of us connect more deeply with our faith and promote personal growth.

  3. Shared Experience: Worshiping together in person can create a shared experience that can be meaningful and powerful to all of us. This shared experience can help build a sense of community and unity among those who attend. It can also provide an opportunity for celebration, shared rituals, and a sense of connection to something larger than oneself.

  4. Reinforce Commitment: Attending weekly worship services in person can help maintain a sense of tradition and ritual that may be important to our faith community. Regular attendance can help reinforce our commitments to RLCC, and provide a sense of continuity and stability, especially after a time of disruption like the pandemic.

  5. Accountability: Attending weekly face-to-face worship services can help us feel accountable to each other for our own spiritual growth. Regular physical attendance can help reinforce accountability and support for one another.

While online worship services will always be valid, there are real advantages to attending weekly face-to-face worship services. It provides an opportunity for community and connection, spiritual growth, shared experience, a sense of tradition and ritual, and accountability. However, it’s important to respect individual choices and provide alternative options for worship, such as what we have been doing in our online worship services.