Called to Connect

Bong Baylon Communityship

Text: Philippians 2:1-11

The fact that you have come to know Christ, and have experienced His grace and love, and His Holy Spirit — this means that you are now called to connect with others in the body of Christ. Being disconnected is not an option. Staying aloof is not even Christian. You may have your boundaries, but it should only be for the purpose of helping us respect you. It’s not suppose to hinder us from knowing the real you. Why do you push away the people who can help you? You can only grow in the context of real, authentic relationships. Let down your walls and take the risk of trusting again. Don’t limit your growth by staying within your self-created cocoon. Learn to trust, accept and commit. Then leave the results to God.  Don’t worry about the possibility of pain or hurt. God will be there when you need Him. This is the only way to experience real life in Christ.