The Mission of a Community of Faith

Bong Baylon Evangelism

The mission of a community of faith is to learn how to obey everything that Jesus commanded (Matt 28:19-20). This involves four essential commandments: a) Love the Lord with all our hearts, b) love each other as Christ has loved us, and c) love our families as Christ loves church, and d) love the lost by seeking and saving them …

How does it look and feel

Bong Baylon Communityship

Jojo was coming home late that night. It so happened that Dennis was standing at the gate in front of his house. “Hi, Jo. Home from work?” Dennis has been trying to reach out to Jojo ever since he became a Christian about a month ago. But Jojo has been parrying his every attempt so far. “Yeah,” he said, aware …

What is a community of faith

Bong Baylon Leadership

The most effective means for proclaiming the Gospel is a real life Christian community. The nature of the Gospel demands it. The good news about the kingdom of God cannot be fully understood or appreciated if the only thing that people see is a worship service. A worship service may serve as an appealing event for consumer-minded people but not …

How to Proclaim the Good News

Bong Baylon Evangelism

The kingdom of God is the most important reality that is about to break into our world and change everything. Whatever beautiful thing that we can appreciate in our world today is nothing compared to the beauty of God’s kingdom. Whatever ugliness disappoints us will soon be forgotten when God’s kingdom appears. The world we live in is not what …

The Best News Ever

Bong Baylon Evangelism

What is the good news? It is not simply that you and I can be saved in and through Jesus Christ. That is true. But there is a bigger picture here. When Jesus came He announced the good news. He said that the time has been fulfilled. The kingdom of God has dome near (see Mark 1:14-15). What is the …

A Tribute to Bryan

Bong Baylon Devotions

Please watch this video which was shown last Oct 15 during the FNH. It pays tribute to Bryan Cunanan, our dear friend, brother in Christ, and fellow worker in the ministry. He died so suddenly at a young age of 19 because of dengue. May his memory live on in the hearts of everyone he has touched. [youtube=]