_JES6042As a church, we are composed of different personalities, preferences, views, values, etc. But we want to be united and aligned in the way we do our ministry. To accomplish this, we have developed a Philosophy of Ministry. It doesn’t we mean cannot change, but our philosophy right now helps us to work together in harmony and unity at any given time. So we regularly evaluate this Philosophy of Ministry to determine its relevance and/or effectiveness. Later, we can change whatever we need to change, if it will help us accomplish our vision frame. For now, this is how we do things in RLCC.

These are ministry guidelines. In other words, we do things in a certain way because this is who we are as a church. Other churches may not do it this way, but we do it this way. Those who want to join us in ministry need to understand these things in order to work well with the rest of us as a team. It would be good to go through each item in this list and discuss it with someone who knows what these things mean.

The acrostic COMMUNITY summarizes our Philosophy of Ministry

  • Creativity initiates momentum.
  • Order is important.
  • Ministry is for everyone.
  • Maturity is an attitude.
  • Unity is essential.
  • Nurture is relational.
  • Improvement is a must.
  • Teaching is for life change.
  • Yes is better than no.

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