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Our mission is to make real life possible for real people. And that includes you. (Know more about our Vision Frame)

We are a network of missional communities whose main headquarters are located in San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines. (Know more about our Beliefs and History) We come together every Friday and Sunday as a community of communities, but we have various gatherings throughout the week. (Know more about our Schedule of Worship Services).

We define “real life” as passionate and authentic love for God and for others, which is only possible through Jesus Christ (John 10:10; Mark 12:30-31). (Know more about Real Life)

Therefore, our first goal is to help you to believe in Jesus Christ and become His apprentice for life. (Know more about Jesus Christ and what it means to be His Apprentice) Then we want to invite you to join a Real Life Christian Community, so you can learn how to live as a faithful follower of Jesus together with others (Matthew 28:19-20). (Know more about our CommunitiesClick here to begin this journey.

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Or listen to God’s Word today (New International Version or Tagalog Bible) If you need help in understanding the Bible, try Faith Life Bible or Sermon Coach. You can also study the Bible right here on our website.[/churchpack_tab][churchpack_tab title=”Sunday”]

Success in every seasonWe begin a new series this January entitled “Success in Every Season.” We must learn how to discern the seasons of God in our lives. There are things that He wants to do in our lives and we must learn to cooperate with Him. Join us for a four-week study of this very important topic. If you cannot come personally for some reason, or if you are in the US or somewhere else, please join us online at Real Life TV. It’s almost like being there!



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We will kick off with our new weekly schedule for Upbeat starting January 11, Saturday, from 4 to 6 pm. Remember, if you can’t come personally, please join us at Upbeat Online. It’s almost like being there! [sendtokindle] [/churchpack_tab] [churchpack_tab title=”Events”]

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KRL 1 July 2013 Pic 5All newly appointed leaders for 2014 will have a general meeting this Sunday, Jan 5, at the worship hall, from 2 to 4 pm. Please be there. Attendance is a must.

[/churchpack_tab] [churchpack_tab title=”Needs”] Hi, everyone. We have several giving opportunities for you:

  1. We want to improve and extend our stage to the back – Budget: 38,000 pesos
  2. We want to extend the worship hall by removing the Worship Team office and the Tech Room and moving them to the back – Budget: 12,000 pesos
  3. We want to repaint the ceilings in the lobby – Budget: 22,000 pesos
  4. We want to create a new EQUIP study area and meeting place by extending the pastor’s office toward the left (veranda) – Budget: 53,000 pesos
  5. We want to buy four standing aircons – Budget: 300,000 pesos (estimate only)
  6. We want to buy a large portable swimming pool for our Freedom Day – Budget: 10,000 pesos

Please pray if the Lord is guiding you to support these projects. If you want to know more about giving to RLCC, click here. Thanks. [/churchpack_tab] [churchpack_tab title=”I’m new”]

cropped-Small-Logo1.pngIf you’re just checking us out and you want to know more about RLCC (before attending or getting involved), check our church profile. If you want more information about our lead pastor, Bong Baylon, click here. If you’re ready to visit us personally, here’s our location.

If you need more information, talk to us. Remember, you’re always welcome here.[/churchpack_tab] [churchpack_tab title=”FB”]

facebook_logoDid you know we have several Facebook groups that you can join? Check out the following:

  • RLCC – This is our main bulletin board in Facebook. We regularly post announcements and other important information through this group. Join this group if you want to be updated about what’s going on in RLCC.
  • Prayer Wall – If you are a member of this group, you can post your prayer needs. Someone will surely see it and pray about it.
  • Answered Prayers – Join this group to share your answered prayers. Let us rejoice together for what the Lord has done!
  • Let’s Talk About It – Do you have questions about God, the Bible, Jesus, the church, faith, etc.? Join this group and let’s figure out the answers together.
  • Train Yourself – Do you want to grow in your faith? Are you motivated to learn on your own? Join this group and you will find resources that can help you.
  • Building Christian Families – Know more about how to raise your family based on Biblical principles. Join this group and learn from other Family Builders.
  • Chillax – If you are a young professional, you will face many challenges — and opportunities! Join this group to learn how to be effective for Christ in the workplace.
  • Pure Factor – Young people are always challenged by their friends and the environment to compromise biblical values. Join this group to find strength and to pursue a lifestyle of purity for the glory of God.
  • Upbeat – If you are a College or High Student, you need others to help you live out your Christian faith in the context of your studies. Join with others so that you can learn how to do this with integrity.