Live in Love


Love is essential to our Christian faith. In Ephesians 4:25-5:2, Paul urges us to love one another. In a world filled with division and selfishness, love becomes even more important and challenging. It is necessary for our souls and a testament to our faith. We must live with truth, let go of anger and bitterness, and imitate God by living a life of love. Today, we want to explore the role of love in our lives and our church. Love drives our spiritual growth. We must recognize the urgent need for love, both individually and as a united body of believers, as it is through love that we truly experience life in Christ. How can we practice love in our relationships?

Three Ways

1. Our relationships must be *truth-based*. (Ephesians 4:25-27) – We must learn how to speak the truth in love to one another and avoid lying. The truth refers to the Gospel, while the lie encompasses everything that opposes it. This is particularly crucial during times of conflict or misunderstanding. We need to keep the truth in mind and use it as the foundation for our interactions, particularly when resolving conflicts.

2. Our relationships must be *others-oriented*. (Ephesians 4:28-29) – Our focus should not be on ourselves, but on others. Whatever we say or do should aim to benefit others, rather than just ourselves. We should avoid individualism and instead focus on how we can build each other up in our faith community.

3. Our relationships must be *Christ-centered*. (Ephesians 4:30-5:2) – Jesus Christ, both in His teachings and through His example, should guide us in all our interactions with one another. We should strive to become more Christlike and learn from His actions, treating one another as He would if He were in our place.


1. Central Idea: “Love in our *community* reflects *spiritual* *vitality*.”

2. Let’s start practicing love and kindness towards one another. This means showing empathy, listening attentively, and offering support when needed.

3. This week, make a short list of people who might need some encouragement from you. Pray for them and then reach out to them to make them feel loved.


1. Can you share a personal experience where speaking the truth in love helped resolve a conflict or strengthen a relationship? How can we cultivate a culture of truth and transparency within our church community?

2. How can we actively practice putting the needs and well-being of others ahead of our own in our daily interactions, both within and outside of our church community? What practical steps can we take to build each other up and foster a sense of unity and care?

3. How can we strive to become more Christlike in our interactions with one another? Are there specific aspects of Christ’s teachings or actions that you find particularly inspiring and relevant to our church community? How can we encourage one another in this journey towards Christ-centered relationships?

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