Reasons for Spiritual Dryness

Reasons for Spiritual Dryness | By Pastor Bong Baylon | RLCC

Date: Nov 23, 2022

Text: Luke 18:9-17

We must pay attention to the quality of our experience with God especially when we draw near to Him in prayer. Normally, we should experience consolation, not desolation, when we are in God’s presence. But when there is spiritual dryness, we must examine the reasons.

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Why is our relationship with God so dry sometimes?

Two Reasons

1. We approach God with a prideful heart (vv.9-14).
2. We approach God with a controlling heart (vv.15-17).

Central Idea: “God blesses those who are humble.” (“Pinagpapala ng Diyos ang mga mababa ang loob.”)

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