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Welcome to Get Real app! This app is the online campus of Real Life Christian Communities (RLCC). Through this app you can experience being part of RLCC wherever you are. Feel free to share this app with your loved ones and friends. To give you a preview of what you can experience here, check out these features. Lobby: Just like a physical …

The Good News

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The Good News is a story to be told. Know the story. Believe it. Share it with others. The Good News More presentations from Bong Baylon Tweet [jetpack_subscription_form]

First Things First: Expectations

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When you’re starting your small group, it’s very important to focus on first things first. The first item on this list, of course, would be expectations. Just like in any relationship, we all have unspoken expectations. The more we keep them to ourselves the more we endanger the small group. Disappointments can easily lead to discouragements, which in turn can …

Revisiting our Mission

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Our desire is to help each one experience real life in Christ together with others. To accomplish this, we need to pursue the spiritual formation of each and everyone whom God brings into RLCC. Spiritual formation can only happen when each person is experiencing discipleship, nurturing relationships, and apostolic mission. We call this the DNA of RLCC. It’s important that …

Stop, Look, and Listen

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God is always present. But we are often not present to Him. The key is to stop, look, and listen as often as possible. There are several spiritual disciplines for doing this. First, to stop you can practice “statio,” which is simply pausing for a moment before entering a new situation in order to pray. You can also practice fixed-hour …

Just a thought

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Just a thought A photo posted by RLCC (@rlccphil) on Sep 15, 2016 at 5:06am PDT