The Simple Church should gather at least twice a month at the minimum. If it can gather on a weekly basis, so much the better. But the Simple Church is not just a once a week or twice a month meeting.  A successful Simple Church should have life-giving activities in between its regular meetings. There are at least three kinds of life-giving activities that can help you grow and stay strong as a Simple Church.

Care for each other

As a Simple Church, it is important to show through practical ways and means that you care for each other. This can be done through simple means like praying for each other or visiting each other in times of need. It would be good to celebrate important events together like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations,  awards, etc. Be creative!

Communicate regularly

Through technology it would be very easy for a Simple Church to communicate with each other regularly. Through texting, emails, Facebook, Twitter, and other tools, the members of a Simple Church can stay in touch with each other. But meeting face-to-face for coffee or for other social activities can also be enriching for the group.

Conduct ministries together

One of the best ways for a Simple Church to grow and become strong is by conducting ministries together. Look for a need and meet that need as a group. Serve the Lord by doing good together. Be rich in good works as a Simple Church.

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