That is an excellent question. Obviously reaching out to your loved ones and friends does not mean that you will automatically succeed.  You need to be sensitive to the CUES that would indicate the right timing. Here are the CUES.

  1. Crying for help

If they are going through a difficult time, chances are they will be open to spiritual things. Take advantage of those moments when they are in need of help.

  1. Undergoing changes

Changes can bring stress into anybody’s life. When that happens, they lose control. That’s when they are open to consider other options.

  1. Escaping problems

Some people, when faced with problems, will try to escape. That’s when you see them doing things they ought not to do. This is your chance to help them.

  1. Seeking answers

Even before you speak to someone, God may be preparing him already. A good sign is when they are asking a lot of good questions like, “Why am I here? What is the purpose of life?” They’re asking these questions because the Spirit of God is already at work in their hearts. Take advantage of this.

Identify those who exhibit these CUES. Then put them in your H.I.T. (Hearts in Transition) List. Pray for them.

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