As your Simple Church meets regularly to eat, share and pray, and as you build your relationships in between your meetings, you will have plenty of opportunities to share your faith journey. Here’s how to do it.

Share how you started

Tell your Simple Church how you started following Jesus. What were the factors that contributed to that decision. Be as specific as possible. Talk about what was going on in your life prior to that decision. Then talk about the decision itself. This will be very helpful for your friends to visualize the process, just in case they might consider doing the same thing.

Share how you’re following Jesus right now

This is very important. Share how you’re following Jesus right now. What activities are you doing to help you learn from Jesus. This may include your daily reading of the Bible, or of attending Sunday worship, or of reading books, or listening to podcasts, etc. Be specific, and tell your friends how these means or tools are helping you. If they need more information, give it to them. Guide them, if necessary, so that they can try these tools themselves.

Share what you’re learning from Jesus right now

Be sure that you are learning something about Jesus or about His teachings each week. Don’t come to a Simple Church gathering without a word or message that you’ve learned from Jesus, either directly through some kind of teaching or indirectly through some kind of experience. You may be the only one who can do this, especially if all your friends are just starting in their journey. Remember, you need to prepare your sharing. Think about the theme, topic, truth, and thrust of your learning. Then form an outline, at least mentally, so that you can share it effectively. Start with an intro, then share the learning, then conclude it. This should not be long. Make it simple. Aim for a three to five minute sharing, if at all possible.

Share how you’re serving
Jesus right now

The reason why Jesus wants to teach us about the Kingdom of God is because He wants to use us for His kingdom purposes. Sharing how you’re serving Jesus now will help your friends to see this truth vividly. Be honest, of course, and don’t preach. Talk about your challenges, not just the joys of serving. Let them see that you are trusting Jesus no matter what happens. Ministry is not for the faint-hearted; it is for the faithful-hearted. Challenge them to imitate you. Let them discover their ministry calling also. Everyone must learn to serve.

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