What is a scriptural home? This is a challenging question. In our modern technological society we are bombarded with information on how to get along with our spouses, how to raise our children, how to run a household. Radio, television, magazines and newspapers present interviews with psychologists, psychiatrists and other experts who give us advice on how to live our lives more effectively.

Very few, however, look at this information in light of God’s Word. This is the purpose of the new Scriptural Home Seminar to emphasize and utilize scriptural principles as its basis while blending them with contemporary psychology.

In the new Scriptural Home Seminar you will discover what God’s Word, the Bible, says about:

  • The Foundation of a Scriptural Home
  • The Husband’s Role
  • Effectively Dealing with Con­flicts
  • The Wife’s Role
  • Communication
  • Worship and Ministry in the Home
  • Parent-child Relationships

This Seminar is the result of numerous seminars held in the U.S. and overseas in both homes and churches. The speaker and author, George Sanchez, has spent many years in counseling and keeps up-to-date on the contemporary developments in this field. While on staff with The Navigators, George Sanchez served as International Assistant to the President. He has presented seminars throughout the world emphasizing biblical principles regarding the family, communication, and interpersonal relationships. A veteran missionary, he served as the first full-time Navigator representative in Latin America.

  1. Foundations of the Scriptural Home
  2. Role of the Husband – Part 1
  3. Love and Resolving Conflicts at Home
  4. Role of the Wife – Part 1
  5. Role of the Wife – Part 2
  6. Communication – Part 1
  7. Communication – Part 2
  8. Home as Center of Worship and Ministry – Part 1
  9. Home as Center of Worship and Ministry – Part 2
  10. Parent-Child Relationships – Part 1
  11. Parent-Child Relationships – Part 2