This seminar, taught by George Sanchez of Navigators, on the Biblical Guidelines for Interpersonal Relationships, comes to you with a prayerful desire that it will be helpful to you in all your relationships. It comes after many hours of prayer and frequent exposure of the material in real-life situations. These have been in the counseling room as well as in conferences and seminars in many places in the United States.

The primary source for the content of this seminar has been the Scriptures. I have done a great deal of reading in both Christian and secular literature on interpersonal relationships, and where it is helpful I have used some of these concepts. But primarily the Word of God serves as the basis for the conclusions presented here.

The seminar consists of five sessions, arranged in a distinctive format. Although an individual may work through this course independently, the greatest benefits come from participation in the study within a small group setting. You prepare the study material before you meet with your group; the value of the seminar is enhanced when you do some thinking and preparation beforehand.

  1. Biblical Basis – Part 1
  2. Biblical Basis – Part 2
  3. Biblical Basis – Part 3
  4. Biblical Basis – Part 4
  5. Biblical Self-Esteem – Part 1
  6. Biblical Self-Esteem – Part 2
  7. Biblical Self-Esteem – Part 3
  8. Biblical Self-Esteem – Part 4
  9. Openness and Teachability (Disclosure and Vulnerability) – Part 1
  10. Openness and Teachability (Disclosure and Vulnerability) – Part 2
  11. Openness and Teachability (Disclosure and Vulnerability) – Part 3
  12. Openness and Teachability (Disclosure and Vulnerability) – Part 4
  13. Handling Conflicts – Part 1
  14. Handling Conflicts – Part 2
  15. Handling Conflicts – Part 3
  16. Handling Conflicts – Part 4
  17. Handling Conflicts – Part 5
  18. Handling Conflicts – Part 6
  19. Handling Conflicts – Part 7
  20. Handling Conflicts – Part 8