This training has three parts: Master Plan of Evangelism, The Art of Personal Witnessing and Learning Apologetics. All three courses will greatly help you to become an excellent Frontliner.

1. Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman

“Few books have had as great an impact on the cause of world evangelization in our generation as Robert Coleman’s The Master Plan of Evangelism … just as it has spoken to men and women for three decades, so it now deserves to be discovered afresh by a new generation of Christians who have glimpsed the heartbeat of their Lord for evangelism.” – Billy Graham

Dr. Coleman looks into the New Testament and observes that Jesus’ aim was not to promote spiritual rehabilitation programs, but to invite people into a person relationship with Himself.

  1. The Coming Harvest
  2. The Great Commission Lifestyle – Part 1
  3. The Great Commission Lifestyle – Part 2

2. The Art of Personal Witnessing by Lorne Sanny

This seminar comes to you with a prayerful desire that it will be helpful to you in your personal life and ministry. Before you begin each lesson ask God to show you the significance of the truths you are about to consider. The Bible will be your main textbook for this seminar. The final authority is not the seminar, but the Word of God upon which this course is based.

Keep in mind that you are studying the Word of God and you are investing your time wisely. I am confident that any person who is willing to follow the disciplines set forth in these studies will greatly enhance his relationship to God and man and his effectiveness as a Christian witness.

  1. You can witness effectively to individuals
  2. The Importance of the Bible in Personal Witnessing
  3. Why Memorize Scripture
  4. You can memorize if you know how
  5. The real basis for witnessing
  6. How to have a quiet time
  7. Th power for witnessing – the Holy Spirit
  8. Laying the groundwork for witnessing
  9. The approach to witnessing
  10. Telling the story
  11. The story t0 tell
  12. Caring for New Christians
  13. Continuing the Care of New Christians

3. Learning Apologetics by Josh McDowell

Maybe you have friends or family members who question your beliefs and you  wish you had the answers. Or teachers who belittle Christianity but you don’t know how to respond. Or maybe you’re just seeking more evidence for what you  know in your heart is true. Well, I’ve got good news for you. There’s proof that your faith is based on fact, not fiction and you can find it here.

“Apologetics,” as defined in Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, is “a branch of theology devoted to the defense of the divine origin and authority of Christianity.” If you want to know more about apologetics, this is the place to be. You’ll find proof that the Christian faith is based on fact, not fiction.

My interest in apologetics began back in college when I was challenged by several students to examine the claims of Jesus Christ. After much study, I could only come to one conclusion Jesus Christ is the Son of God, He was crucified, He died, and He was resurrected on the third day.

Soon after this discovery, I accepted Jesus as my Savior and Lord. As one who had set out to prove Christianity false, I now found myself in the perfect position to proclaim the Truth I had found. Over the past 39 years God has given me many opportunities to speak at college campuses and churches. He has also led me to write many books on apologetics.

  1. The Attributes of God Part 1
  2. The Attributes of God Part 2
  3. Honest to God
  4. Testimonial Part 1
  5. Testimonial Part 2
  6. The Bible Part 1
  7. The Bible Part 2
  8. The Bible Part 3
  9. The Bible Part 4
  10. Resurrection Factor Part 1
  11. Resurrection Factor Part 2
  12. Resurrection Factor Part 3
  13. Resurrection Factor Part 4
  14. Resurrection Factor Part 5
  15. Right from Wrong Part 1
  16. Right from Wrong Part 2
  17. Matthew 9
  18. Clean Heart, New Start
  19. His Image, My Image