1002610_10152400383254852_1861499458_nThank you for you interest in being mentored online. We have many online tools available such as RightNow MediaReal Life TV, RLCC Connect, Get Real App, Real Life Forum, RLCC Media, THEO, Equip Yourself, LEAD Talks, and others. You can avail of mentoring using these online tools by subscribing to our mentoring program. Please select from the following options:

Bronze Membership (20 USD per month) – This option allows you to make use of our various online tools, especially RightNow Media. You can select any topic you wish to study based on your needs. You can then study this on your own based on your own schedule (no pressure from us, of course). If you need our help, please let us know so that we can assist you in any way possible.

Silver Membership (50 USD per month) – This option also allows you to make use of our various online tools, especially RightNow Media, but this time you will be mentored by someone from our church, usually by one of our leaders or pastors. This person will assist you and hold you accountable in whatever resource you have chosen to study so that you can finish it and really benefit from it. So there will be some pressure (but hopefully not too much). He or she will answer your questions, or he or she may ask you some questions to challenge you. More importantly, he or she will challenge you to stay focused in what you’re studying, so that you can fulfill your learning goals.

Gold Membership (100 USD per month) – This option is for those who really want a more structured form of study. We will prepare a curriculum just for you (based on your learning needs and style), and we will hold you accountable in completing it based on an agreed-upon time frame. So this kind of training will take a while. Usually we would expect a time frame of one year. A mentor will be assigned to you to check on you regularly. He or she will usually be one of our pastors. He or she will assess your learning needs and learning style, and then design a curriculum just for you.

Each of these options are ongoing but you can unsubscribe at any time. Please select the option best suited for you based on your life situation. You can pay via PayPal or Credit Card (use the buttons below). You can also change (i.e. upgrade or downgrade) your subscription at any time (use the unsubscribe button below). You can also choose the option of paying only for one time, if you don’t want to be obligated on a monthly basis (use the one-time only subscription button below). If you choose this option, you will only have access to our resources on a per month basis after you pay. Thank you and enjoy your learning experience using our resources.

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