Thank you for downloading the Get Real app, your mobile church. Our desire is to help you follow Christ through this app. By downloading it, you will be able to watch our sermons, read our articles, attend our seminars, and many more. To get the best out of this app, here are our suggestions.

  1. Set aside time to use it as part of your spiritual discipline. There are many things that you can do each day. But unless you set aside time to nurture your relationship with the Lord, you won’t grow spiritually. Setting aside time means really deciding that at a certain time, certain hour, or certain day, you will in fact set aside all distractions and use this app to help you nurture your soul.
  2. Choose a resource that can help you. We have many resources in this app. We’re even adding more each week! Check it out regularly. Depending on your available time, choose the resource that can best help you. Watch a sermon, or just listen to it. Read a blog, etc. You don’t have to avail of every resource available in the app. Just choose the one that can be helpful to you right now.
  3. Reflect on what God is teaching you through the resource. Just watching, listening or reading something will not really help you unless you take the time to reflect on it. Summarize what you are learning. Write down your thoughts on a journal or post about it. Draw something. Make a song, etc. Whatever it is that you do, always remember: Without reflection, it’s all just information.
  4. Share your reflection (or application) with someone or with a group. What you need to do is to find someone or a group with whom you can share your reflection. You want to know what they think. This is called validation. Ask them to study it also so that together you can share what each of you has learned. It’s amazing how your thoughts become clearer and better when you share it with others. At the same time, you can also share your application (next step), if you’re meeting more than once. We have a tool here in our app that can help you do this. Just click the “Join” tab and then click “Join our online community.” You will be brought to the Faithlife page. Click the clink “Join” and then “Create a new account.” All it needs is just your email and your chosen password, and you will be registered. Once you’re registered, you have to click the back arrow again to refresh the app, then click “Join our online community” again. You should be able to see the RLCC online community page there. It’s like Facebook but private. Start sharing your reflections or applications there. You will be amazed how people would be glad to interact with you.
  5. Apply what you are learning. In order to really benefit from what God is teaching you through this app, you need to take the risk and apply what you are learning. You may not be sure of the outcome. But when you try something by faith, trusting God that He will guide you, empower you, and help you, you will see and approve that He is good, and His will for you is pleasing and perfect (Romans 12:1-2). As a result, you will grow spiritually in your walk with Christ. So apply the word of God today!

We hope that you will truly enjoy this app. Let us know how we can improve it further to help you more. Don’t forget to share it with others. If you have questions about anything, contact us.

If you want to experience a better life, follow Jesus starting today. Click here to begin. Also, join us every Sunday as we learn how to follow Jesus together. We meet at our Real Life Worship Center at 8:30 am and 11 am (two services). If you want to know more about RLCC, click here. Or you can also subscribe to our blog to get updated regularly.

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