Get trained by enrolling in our online school called Real Life Mentoring School (or RLMS for short). RLMS is where we make disciples and train future leaders at RLCC using online tools.

This school is different because we do not have the usual classrooms and teachers that you find in most traditional schools. Instead we create mentoring networks where older and more mature disciples mentor those who are younger in the faith.

We use online materials as well as other ways of providing input. But the main learning happens during mentoring sessions or face to face conversations. This can be one-on-one or in a small group. It can also be done online. Our goal is to help each one become “fluent” in the Christian life. Our purpose is not to dump a lot of information on our mentees; our goal is to help each one understand their true calling and then help them live it out. We believe this can only happen in the context of a loving, accepting, and transforming relationship called mentoring.

We teach our mentees doctrine in the context of life and relationships. We do not teach them doctrine as an end in itself. We train and develop them to become faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. Our goal is holistic transformation through the power of the Holy Spirit, by the word of God, and in the context of a true community of faith, hope and love.

First, we make sure that each mentee has a strong foundation in Christ (Genuine Conversion). Then we teach them how to live the Christian life faithfully by teaching them how to practice the six godly habits of a faithful disciple (Growing Disciple). As we train them to practice the godly habits of a faithful disciple, we teach them how to live in community with others (Maturing Disciple). This is crucial for their overall development.

Depending on the calling and capacity of each mentee, we also teach some of them how to study and interpret the Bible (Getting into the Word). For others we just teach them the basic background of the Bible (Discovering the Bible). But for others who may be called to become Equippers, we teach them Christian theology instead (Knowing More about God). For others, we teach Systematic Theology.

Our desire is to raise up missionaries with apostolic hearts who can plant communities of faith among various people groups and in strategic areas. So our ultimate goal is to develop Multiplying Disciple.

All these are done through the following steps:

  1. Giving wisdom or knowledge (or both)
  2. Processing it
  3. Applying it
  4. Teaching it to others (multiplication)
If you want to enroll in our RLMS to become a faithful disciple, please email us at