The Sad State of Philippine Education


As a response to this need, RLCC has put up the Bryan Foundation. Bryan Foundation is a ministry that is named after Bryan Cunanan, a member of our church who died at 19 years old last Oct 8, 2010 because of dengue. He was our “tech guy” who loved the Lord so much that he would spend most of his time in the church making sure that our lights and sounds are ready before each worship service. Because he didn’t have money, he would often just walk from his home or school to the church. He would sometimes save the little money that he has so he can give it to the Lord’s work. He also wanted to be a pastor someday. He loved to serve people. Everyone would feel encouraged everytime he would talk with them. He is a young man after God’s own heart.

One day he got sick of dengue. We didn’t have enough money to bring him to a good hospital. In just a matter of days, he was dead. We mourned for him for many months. Even now some are still mourning for him. But we realized that the best way to honor his memory was to start a ministry that he himself would love to join and participate in. So we put up the Bryan Foundation.


The purpose of the Bryan Foundation is to make real life possible for young people. We define real life as fulfilling the fourfold calling of God upon each person, which includes his salvation, sanctification, situation in life, and service to God. This is based on Jesus’ promise in John 10:10, where he said…

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

Therefore, our strategy is to help young people to come to faith in Jesus Christ (salvation), teach him or her how to live by faith each day in the context of a community of faith (sanctification), help him or her to finish his studies so that he or she can help his or her family someday (situation in life),  and equip him or her to serve God according to his or her God-given talents (service to God).

To do this, we will look for supporters who have a heart for young people. We will ask them to give a monthly or one-time financial support. We will use the money to help young people with their studies. We will also use the funds to disciple them through our Real Life Mentoring School. We will also try to help them with their medical needs and all other needs that can help them succeed in life. Our goal is to make real life possible for young people, who, like Bryan, are dearly loved by God, and who, for some reason, are hindered by poverty or some other circumstance from succeeding in life.

You can get involved by…

  • Becoming a monthly sponsor
  • Joining others who want to become a monthly sponsor
  • Giving a one-time gift

We want the memory of Bryan to live on in the lives of young people who will someday fulfill his dream of serving God and other people. Remember, you can change one person’s life by simply helping us to help others. All this is for God’s glory alone. If you are interested to help us, please email us at Thank you.