The Passion of a Leader

Bong Baylon Devotions

A leader can only be effective when he is clear in his communication of his passion. But he cannot see his vision fulfilled unless others share his vision also. Vision sharing is hard work. There are no guarantees. You just need to communicate over and over again. You cannot give up. You must also listen and allow others to fine-tune the vision, for that is how vision becomes a mutual passion. It’s not a one way street. It must go back and forth. Unless there is a common vision, it is only your personal ambition, nothing more and nothing less. Aim for mutual passion. So, if you’re a leader, always engage in active dialogue with those you hope will share your passion. Do it over and over until, by God’s grace, the vision is not yours anymore but theirs as well. Unless their whole being is also caught up in this vision, you cannot see your vision fulfilled. Don’t give up! Your passion must bleed out from within you.