December 2018 Series

Bong Baylon Announcement

Sometimes, while everyone is celebrating all around us, we can’t help but feel sad even though it’s Christmas time. Probably because of loneliness, past regrets, failures, failed relationships, or whatever reason, this time of the year can sometimes bring more sadness than gladness. We would like to invite you to attend our Sunday services starting this Sunday, Dec 2. We …

We’re now in Bible app

Bong Baylon Announcement

Good news! We’re now in the Bible app. When you open your YouVersion Bible app, and you are near the Real Life Center, you can immediately access our Event page and use it during our worship service. You can also just search for Real Life Christian Communities under Events. Check it out today!

Know How to Start a Simple Church

Bong Baylon Announcement, Communityship, Evangelism, Leadership

If you are interested to start a Simple Church, please go to our learning tool either in the Get Real app under the Study Tab or in our website ( Make sure that someone meets with you to process what you are learning there. Don’t just go through the course by yourself. Contact PM or Des for help. Also, don’t …