Characteristics of an Effective Servant Leader

Bong Baylon Devotions

To be an effective servant leader, you need more than a dream. The apostle Paul wrote to a young servant leader named Timothy and he said these words: “You then, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people …

The Passion of a Leader

Bong Baylon Devotions

A leader can only be effective when he is clear in his communication of his passion. But he cannot see his vision fulfilled unless others share his vision also. Vision sharing is hard work. There are no guarantees. You just need to communicate over and over again. You cannot give up. You must also listen and allow others to fine-tune …

My thoughts about life

Bong Baylon Devotions

Life is power and energy. When you’re alive, you can do things. When you’re not alive — that is, when you’re dead — you’re done. There’s nothing else you can do. To be alive, and to continue to do so, and to thrive as well, you need to interact and engage with realities outside of yourself. For instance, you need …

Stories in our Heads

Bong Baylon Devotions

Stories are powerful. They’re not like mere ideas. Stories, especially those that are well told, can capture us totally, making our bodies act or react in unusual ways. We behave according to our emotions, even though we may claim that our minds are in control. Honestly, most of us are motivated by what we feel at the moment. We are …

We’re now in Bible app

Bong Baylon Announcement

Good news! We’re now in the Bible app. When you open your YouVersion Bible app, and you are near the Real Life Center, you can immediately access our Event page and use it during our worship service. You can also just search for Real Life Christian Communities under Events. Check it out today!